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Amada CTB-400 CNC automatic horizontal saw*, Prod-0057

Serial # 4085 0240
New 2008

Cutting capacity, Round 1.18” to 16”
Rectangle (w x h) 1.18” x 0.5” - 16” x 16”
Work load capacity 5,512 lbs.
Blade size 15'6” x 0.055” x 1 1/2”
Blade speed, inverter driven variable speed 50 – 492 ft/min
Material index, front vise 11.8”
rear vise 15.7”
Material index length 0.39 – 339.63”
Number of cutoff pieces 1 – 999
Remnant length 0.59”
Table height 39.4”
Saw blade motor 10 HP
Hydraulic pump motor 2 HP
Cutting fluid tank capacity 60.8 gallons
Hydraulic tank capacity 9.2 gallons, 640 PSI pressure seting
Approximate saw dimensions 89” x 89” x 90”
Approximate weight 9,300 lbs.

Machine is equipped with Hydraulic Tension control, Cutting control via CNC control with flow control valve, Front and rear hydraulic vises, Shuttle vise index mechanism, chip conveyor, blade deviation monitor, material seperation at end of cut, preset auto trim cut, recirculating coolant system, infeed load and feed table, spare blades, motor and electrical controls.

As Is, Where Is plant site Grand Rapids, Mi
Price $59,900

The Model CTB400 band Saw Machine is developed for high production, accuracy, and economic cutting.
This state of the art machine is specifically designed to use the multifaceted Amada carbide band saw blade.
The combination of these two has achieved an excess of 95cm²/min cutting rates, surface finishes in the range of 62 RMS while holding accuracy's well within the + - 0.05/mm of diameter.
The world's first CNC OPTIMAL CUTTING CONTROL (patent pending) presets feeds and speeds according to material specification.
This unit has 229 factory installed material specs, with 100 available for custom materials. Feeds and speeds are automatically set to achieve the most economical cutting with the highest productivity possible, while maintain noise levels below 85 decibels.

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*Preliminary Specifications-Subject to Verification

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